PauseTalk – coming to an end | Open Call

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PauseTalk – coming to an end | Open Call
Pause Talk

Photo by Jean Snow

(Above: photo taken by Michael Holmes from the outside of Pause Cafe)

It was a rainy day when I first made it to PauseTalk vol.81. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I came across the PauseTalk website while searching for ways to connect with creatives in Tokyo.

When I got there, it was a small group of about 9 people. “This is very intimate, we usually have a lot more people” they said, as empty chairs aligned along the big table. We had a great discussion that night, and ever since, I’ve never missed a PauseTalk event. It’s been an essential platform to connect with creatives in Tokyo, to find out a lot of information on what other creatives were up to, what they saw, what was currently interesting in the city, etc. It was a place where I could participate in discussions where English was fluid and causal. I’ve met wonderful people throughout these meetings, especially Adrian Hogan who has been a great friend ever since the first time I’ve attended. Information shared here were extremely valuable in creating this Artist Resource Tokyo website as well, and I am truly thankful for the encouraging community.

Sometimes great things do have to end, and it saddens me to hear that after 9 years, PauseTalk is coming to an end. Next PauseTalk vol. 85 on March 2nd will officially be the last gathering, and I strongly recommend people to attend. All the frequent members that gathered are currently wondering, “Where do we go now?” but I guess this energy will be carried on in some form, some way within the international creatives of Tokyo. A big thank you to Jean Snow for organizing such an amazing gathering throughout the years!

Speaking of people I met through PauseTalk, Laurel Heart from Canada, is seeking for photographic works taken in Tokyo.

Open Call |  Love for the City: Warm feelings from Montreal & Tokyo

How do we see our city? What are the aspects of life in the city that touch your heart? Just like with people, we live in relationship with our city, and we hold emotional attachment to different moments, memories and places. Places hold memories for us. There are places that we have to visit and places we love to visit. This project focuses on how we love the city we are in. Can you find an image that shows an aspect of the city that you love? Come join us for a possibility to exhibit your memory of Tokyo in the live interactive component of this project.

This exhibition features an exchange of photos between Montreal, the Tokyo greater metropolitan area, incorporating cities which the organizers are personally connected to. Photographs sent from Tokyo are exhibited alongside works from Montreal, in sister exhibitions taking place both in Tokyo and in Montreal.

Deadline: February 11, 2015
Eligibility: Residents of Tokyo or Montreal

This exhibition is organized by Sarah Robinson (Award winning Fine Arts student at Concordia University), Laurel Hart (Artist, PhD candidate at Concordia University, and visiting researcher at Tokyo University), and Professor Yuko Tsuchiya from Hiroshima University of Economics (Associate Professor and specialist in community media and photography workshop design). Please visit their website for details of the open call or
email them
for questions.