Online Magazines


A Japanese bilingual online magazine that looks at the contemporary art scene in Asia.


A well known international online publication for it’s coverage on arts, culture, travel, luxury, and style. Covering more than fifteen countries, BLOUIN ARTINFO Japan covers Japan specific content in both English and Japanese.


PingMag  B
A bilingual online magazine on design and anything about “making”. They look at everything from art including; product design, packaging, architecture, web design, typography, illustration, photography, fashion, programming, graphics, video, art, toys, traditional crafts, graffiti, set design, etc. Anything that they consider inspiring and exciting.


JDN stands for Japan Design Net and they they publish design and art news for all audiences interested in being creatively inspired. JDN is also connected to To-Ryu-Mon, a website that lists the largest variety of open calls in Japan.


Hard Copy Magazines


Art Critique  J
Art Critique is an independent critique magazine of the art world, published two times a year. Although their content is completely Japanese and very text heavy, they provide serious critiques through art, architecture design, economics, culture, social ideas and philosophy. Since they are independent, only certain online stores and book stores carry their magazine. A complete list of where you can buy the magazine is available here.


AXIS Magazine B
AXIS Magazine is a bilingual design magazine.