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Canvas Tokyo
Canvas Tokyo E
Canvas is an invitation only creatives online network of Tokyo, with talents mostly available for freelance. Although still in Beta version, the site attracts many international creatives based in Tokyo with active community forums and portfolio profiles. Access is only granted to Tokyo based creatives and the community is English only.
Pause Draw
Pause Draw  E
Originally branched from Pause Talk, Pause Draw is an event for people that love to draw. Non-drawers to professionals all gather once a month on first Sundays. People draw, critique, and network through their drawing experiences. The event is facilitated by international illustrators, Luis Mendo & Adrian Hogan.


Pecha Kucha Tokyo
Location: Super Delux
If you are familiar about Pecha Kucha, this is where it originally started before spreading world-wide. If you don’t, here is the wiki page. All Pecha Kucha nights are hosted half portion in English and the other half in Japanese with no translations. Thus there is an interesting mix of Japanese and internationals gathering.  >>Read more about the event


Art Byte Critique  B
Art Byte Critique is an artist collective that holds monthly discussions. They host opportunities for artists to critique each others work, share resources, and support each-others creative efforts. >>Read more about the collective



Shibu House    J
Shibu House is a unique shared house / artist community for young emerging artists in all fields. Some people become a member to live, and some become a member to just hang out in the environment once a while. Musicians, dancers, photographers, contemporary artists, writers, designers, comedians, poets, film makers, all come together as one to create this unique gathering of people. They host live events regularly in their tiny sound proof basement and serious to casual discussions in their living room. What started as a small shared house is now recognized by the Mori Art Museum and other serious art institutions in Japan. Open house parties are hosted on the 22nd of every month, open to the public for ¥1000 (comes with drinks & food). Side note: most people here don’t speak English and most foreigners that visit Shibuhouse are fluent Japanese speakers. Prepared to be totally lost if you don’t understand some Japanese.


UX Talk Tokyo
Location: Gengo office Shibuya
UX Talk Tokyo is a User Experience discussion and networking group in Tokyo. They meet once a month, usually on a Wednesday from 7pm-9pm. It’s for anyone interested in UX. Professional UX designers, to developers, designers, students etc. Everyone is welcome. Presentations are in English, but many people are bilingual and network in both languages.



CAMP creates discussion platforms for the contemporary art scene. They invite emerging to established contemporary artists, curators, gallery directors, critics, and art researchers to facilitate interesting discussions and lectures. Many of their events are open to the public with a fee, but some are exclusively offered to their members. Membership cost is ¥6000 /year and can be payed monthly in ¥500 increments via paypal.



Pause Talk  E   ※Pause Talk ended. >>Read more
Pause Talk is a monthly event where Tokyo-based creatives (or anyone passing through) can get together and discuss their own projects, as well as cultural currents of the city. Most attenders are foreigners as the discussions are held in English. It’s a great place to meet people in different creative fields and have really interesting conversations.