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Tokyo Art Beat   B
Bilingual art & design guide for Tokyo. Best website to find exhibition information on museums, galleries, and openings. They publish online articles about the general art scene of Tokyo.


Tokyo Culture Creation Project   B
Tokyo Culture Creation Project is a site that lists all things cultural and creative happening in Tokyo. Their goal is to fulfill the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s objective to nurture “Tokyo as a city of global cultural creativity”. If you are looking to explore Tokyo, they constantly have various listings on music, performances, art, and more to explore.


Artist-in-Residence (AIR) are residence programs that support creative activities of artists, creators, and scholars. AIR_J website provides information on AIR programs in Japan, along with the outline, grants available, and application requirements of each program. If you are interested in AIR programs in Japan, their online search database is a fantastic tool to use.


Mupon  ( J phone app)
Some exhibitions in Tokyo are not cheap, and if you want to go through a lot of exhibitions and art events, this is a great tool to have.The MuPon app by Tokyo Art Beat offers exclusive admission discounts to selected museum exhibitions / art events in the Tokyo area. It’s updated weekly. Discounts range from ¥100~¥500. Some discounts also give access to discounted drinks and purchases at the venue’s café or bookstore.