Arts Intiative Tokyo   B

Tokyo Art Research Lab


Arts and Law   J
Arts and Law specializes in giving legal advice and services to artists in Japan. They provide free consultations (must apply through their application form) aiming to support emerging artists.


Aoyama Design Forum   B
Aoyama Design Forum provides information on design news, business, educational opportunities, and employment opportunities. They act towards  bridging the gap of understanding between businesses and designers as well as improving the quality of work.


TokyoDex  B
TokyoDex bridges corporations to artists & designers. Whatever your creative needs may be, TokyoDex can assemble a consortium of talent, all without prohibitive overhead or agency costs for affordable and effective results. They provide custom art projects, curation for exhibitions, space design, creative events, and much more. Artists & designers based in Tokyo are encouraged to reach out, to be included in their database for any relevant future projects.


Tokyo Illustrators Society  B