Things to be aware before you decide to rent a space…
* Some studios may not offer rental or hesitate rentals towards foreigners. This is a pretty common problem in Japan. It may be helpful to bring  a Japanese friend who can negotiate / vouch for you if you are not fluent in the language.
* If you end up renting a studio space, please be very courteous and careful of your manners. Know that your actions towards the leaser / community can be the reputation of the ‘foreigner image’ as a whole. If you follow the rules and are considerate, it opens opportunities for other foreigners who want to rent in the future.

J: Japanese Only Content
E: English Only Content
B: Bilingual Content


Price: ¥2,000/day – 50,000/month
Nearby Stations: Shinsen (8 min walk) / Nakameguro (10 min walk) / Shibuya (15 min walk)
Resource: wifi, printer, rooftop space, kitchen space, communal lounge
– provides a stylish communal work space as well as a creative collaborative environment. Their space is conveniently located 10-15mins from Shibuya & Nakameguro. You can choose your membership level from having a fixed desk, communal desk, or a pop-in one day pass. The mix of members are international, and they hold events and workshops often.


Tokyo Hacker Space  B
Price: ¥Free – 5,000/month
Nearby Stations: Nogizaka (1 min walk) / Roppongi (10 min walk)
Resource: wifi, welder, laser cutter machine, solder station, industrial sewing machine, grinder, desktop mill, jigsaw table, circular saw, etc.
– Tokyo Hacker Space runs its shop off of a small garage space with communal work space and tools that members can benefit from at a reasonable cost. Paid members get 24hour access to all equipment and space. Every Tuesday is free nights for drop-ins for English speakers, and Wednesday is a free night for Japanese speakers. The race mix is international, as well as the profession mix varying from tech/engineer professions to creative musicians and designers.


Hironari Kubota Studio  J
Price: ¥22,000/month
Nearby Station: Kamikitadai (31 min walk) ※The studio rents free bikes from the station for easier access.
Resource: Standard equipment to alter wood & metals, grinder, chain saw, welding, drills, rock saw, power lifter, electric generator, high pressure cleaner, power lifter, etc. A truck is also available to rent at a cost per use.
Hironari Kubota, an established artist himself, owns an industrial warehouse that he shares space with others. There’s lots of equipments that members can access, and home improvement stores to buy materials in close proximity. Members are mostly Japanese contemporary artists in dedicated buildings for each specialty; painters, multi-media, and sculptors. Max capacity is 13 people, and they get flooded with applications from Musashino Art University graduates every year around March.


Atlier Mori  J
Price: NA (Please contact them directly for pricing)
Nearby Station: Kamata (20 min walk)
Resource: Free extra storage space for artworks & materials, electric kiln, gas kiln, drill, compressors, saw table for wood and metal, free clay, welding equipment, pottery wheel, grinder, sander, drills, etc. A complete list of available equipment is available with pictures here.
– Atlier Mori is a space provided specifically for  serious sculptors and installation artists. Max capacity is 10 people, but you may share 1 space with 2 people upon request. Although the location is a little inconvenient, they can coordinate drop off/ pick ups from stations, as well as a drive trips to the nearest home improvement store.


namFactory   J
Price: ¥1,500 – 47,000 /month
Nearby Station: Sasazuka (7 min walk) / Daitabashi (5 min walk) / Shindaita (10 min walk) / Shimokitazawa (15 min walk)
Resource: Possible participation in goup exhibitions at namGallery (Please contact via their website for more info)


Atlier Moz  J
Price: ¥3,000/day – 20,000/weekly – 60,000/monthly
Nearby Stations: Itabashihoncho (5 min walk)
Resource: NA
-Atlier Moz is for people in need of a large sized short term studio. The space is useful for artists that need a temporary dedicated space to conduct large scale projects. If necessary, they can also introduce you to a rental living space in 10min walking proximity so  you can efficiently commute to the studio during the rental period. The space can be used for exhibitions upon request.


Metal Hearts  J
Price: ¥600/ 60mins (student discount available)
Nearby Stations: Kyobashi (6 min walk) / Ginza-Itchoume (6 min walk) /
Resource: Gas burner, oxy-fuel burner, kiln (upon request), roller, ultrasonic cleaner, etc., as well as basic tools for metal works.
Metal Hearts teaches traditional Japanese metal crafts. They also open their space to individuals interested in using their works space /  tools by the hour. If interested, they provide short and long term classes for foreigners (with a translator) for the Japanese traditional crafts “Mokumegane” technique.


Studio Hatch  J
Price: ¥70,000 /month
Nearby Stations: Nishigahara-Yonchome (3 min walk) / Nishi-Sugamo (9 min walk)
Resource: Heidelberg Letter Press machine
– Studio Hatch is mainly a building available for photo shoots / filming space, but they have one private studio space for monthly lease. The biggest benefit of this space is the Heidelberg letter press machine, which can be a great resource if you work with printing.


Tsukasa Art City  J
Price: NA (Please contact them directly for pricing)
Nearby Station: Kokubunji (3 min walk)
Resource: NA
-Tsukasa Co. Ltd is a company advocating for the arts in the Kokubunji area, managing a gallery, performance space, ballet studio, and two artist studio buildings. There are 19 art studio rooms for rent on available basis.


Nijikoya  J
Price: ¥250 / 30mins ~ ¥1,5000 / month
Nearby Station: Ekoda (5 – 10 min walk)
Resource: Basic tools and equipment for jewelry making
Nijikoya is a work space for jewelers. They rent their work space for people who already have basic knowledge in using tools and equipment. Classes are offered for those who would like to learn the basics.


Glass Studio Zo  J
Price: ¥2200 / hour
Nearby Station: Yotsugi (10 min walk)
Resource: Basic tools and equipment for jewelry making
-Glass Studio Zo is a school / studio for glass artists. The studio is available for rent on an hourly basis for those who are familiar in blow glass. Classes are offered for those whom would like to learn blow glass.


reboot  J
Price: ¥18,000 – 49,500 /month + utility fees /month (+ one time new membership processing fee ¥50,000)
Nearby Stations:  Iriya (1 min walk) / Uguisudani (6 min walk) / Ueno (12 min walk)
Resource: Wifi, 24hr access, plugs in all booths, color printer, large scale printer (A0 size), communal space, elevator


Install No Tochu Da Building  J
Price: ¥30,000 – 40,000 /month + utility fee /month (+ one time new membership processing fee ¥50,000)
Nearby Stations: Nakanobu (1 min walk)
Resource: Wifi, 24hr access, communal kitchen, communal space, elevator





Search on your own

This website can only keep up with a few places that have permanent websites for studio space. If you would like to search on your own, here are great sites that list studio / office space on available basis. You may be able to find a better deal / location for your needs.

Complete List of Co-working Spaces in Tokyo  J
Co-working spaces have become popular in the recent years. If you just need a desk space and a good environment to concentrate, join a co-working space. Many places have daily passes, and it’s also a great opportunity to casually network.

Ma Ga Ri  J
Ma Ga Ri, asks for building and space owners to rent their unused room, desk space, event space, for creative individuals to use.

Tokyo Real Office  J
Tokyo Real Office lists office space available in Tokyo. There are huge spaces to small shared spaces, and price range can vary a lot depending on what you are looking for.

Cuus0o Estate  J
Cusoo Estate has a specific section for rooms / warehouses suitable for artist studio space.