Okadaya at Shinjuku

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Okadaya at Shinjuku

okadaya inbetweenIf you are into fashion design, costume design, or simply work with fabric, yarn, any kind of material that might need a little sewing, Okadaya is a great resource to keep in mind, given the size of the store and it’s location. The store is right off Shinjuku East exit, and you can easily miss it if you didn’t know about it in advance.

There are two buildings facing each other across a small alley. (As in the left picture)

One is called the Kiji-kan, specializing in rolls and rolls of cloths. The other building is called Fukushoku-kan, where they have all other materials necessary for sewing, costume making, wigs, stage grade make-up, buttons, etc. To get the full experience of what Okadaya can provide, you should check out both buildings.


Here is a guide to the different floors and things they offer.

OkadayaGuideClick to enlarge image



6FAButtons and Buckles
-All sorts of varieties of buttons and buckles

5FA – Handcraft Parts & Tools
-Patch work, embroidery, dyes, felts, cloth paint, etc.

4FA – Garment Parts & Accessories
-Chords, tapes, leather & fur accessories, faux fur tape, plastic parts, metal parts, etc.

3FA – Wigs & Hair Accessories
-Full wigs, part wigs, hair extensions, hair color spray, wig care products, etc.

2F – Stage Make Up & Goods
-Stage costumes, costume props, stage make up supplies, body painting supplies, etc.

1F – Cosmetic Goods
-Color contacts, lash extensions, general make up supplies. etc.

B1F – Lingerie
-Just a lingerie chain store

6FB – Sewing Tools
-Needles, thread, iron, sewing magazines, sewing machines, hat making materials, etc.

5FB – Knitting Yarn & Knitting Machines
-Yarn, knitting tools, lamb fur, hemp, handloom, knitting books, etc.

4FB – Garment Parts & Accessories
-Lace, ribbon, fringes, spangles, tassels, horse hair braids, tyrolean tape, etc.

3FB – Fashion Parts & Beads
-Beads, chains, wires, accessory parts, fake flowers, feathers, studs, resin, etc.

Entrance of Fukushoku-kan.

buttons1 buttons2
Tons of buttons on the button floor.



5F – Special Fabrics & Textiles
-faux fur, velvet, fleece, felt,  etc.

4F – Special Fabrics & Textiles
-Enamel, metallic cloth, stretch, mesh, nylon, crepe, etc.

3F – Dress Fabrics & Lining Clothes
-Wool, linen, hemp, sweat, kilt, towel, etc.

2F – Costume Fabrics
-Satin, lace, glitter, spangle, import cloths, etc.

1F – Cotton Fabrics
-Denim, Japanese patterns, organic cotton, fashion magazines, etc.

B1F – Interior Fabrics & Extra Wide Fabrics
-Interior cloths, laminated cloths, curtains, cushion cloths, etc.                                                            Click to enlarge image


Entrance of Kiji-kan.

kiji-kan isle1 Kijikanaisle
Tons of cloths to choose from. Bring your desired roll to the cashier and they will cut it for you.







A cool section with antique silks of Japanese traditional patterns.





Okadaya  CHAIN
Open Hours: 10:00~20:30 everyday (closed New Years)
Address: 3 chome-23-17 Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo (Google Map)
Discounts: Starting at 5% off, the more you shop the more they start to discount when you join their membership. 3 types of membership are available with a ¥200 – ¥500 yearly fee.