As much as I want to help- and that’s why this website was made, I only have so much time I can dedicate to volunteering and assisting friendly strangers. If you are not getting email responses from me please consider the following.


Email FAQs


– Can you take me around Tokyo’s Art Scene / I need an art translator!
I can be hired as a personal Tokyo art guide and or translator for your art related meetings. I am experienced in assisting art auction biddings as well. Please feel free to inquire. I cannot however, offer these services for free, in exchange of artwork, or in exchange of being taken around when I visit (your) city one day.


– Your email requires me to ask you further questions before I can answer.
This is the most common type of email I get where the question is vague and I simply cannot afford the time to do many back and forths to find out your individual needs.Please be as detailed as possible. When are you coming (dates, or at least the month)? What are you looking for when you say “art stuff”- contemporary art? traditional Japanese art? designer stuff? architectural? please be specific. “Anything interesting” is also not a great way to phrase things, as I already list all the general great things on this website.


– Can you introduce me to a (type of artist) based in Tokyo for my project ?
It would take me a lot of research and connections to introduce you to a certain field of individual artists. If you are serious about your project, you can ask TokyoDex as they have a huge database of Tokyo artists, or another option I recommend is posting on Canvas forums.


– Further inquiries on listed services, facilities, shops.
I do not work for any of these listed places. It puzzles me when I get emails asking me if I can print things, or if I have open slots to use certain machines.  Please reach out to the individual companies.


– A simple thank you is encouraging.
Lastly, there are some people whom just take the information I provide and never thank for the time I put into answer their questions back and forth. I really don’t make money off of this so a simple thank you acknowledgement would be much appreciated 🙂